Does IT kill human imagination?

Albert Einstein famously said, “Imagination is important than knowledge, as knowledge is limited to what we know.” As a human, we all understand the importance of imagination. It is the great door to the invention. It is the path to reach what once thought to be impossible.


IT has impacted many facets of human life. It has also impacted the human imagination. As with any great invention, it has both advantage and disadvantage. In the following essay we will focus on both the advantage and disadvantage of IT in human imagination.


IT has tremendously increased the communication speed. It has made world closer than ever. It is not uncommon to work with people who are situated in 1000 miles away from where we reside. In fact this has become way of life in most cases. This has made information accessible across the world. It has increased the data or idea piracy. To limit data piracy has become increasingly difficult because of IT. Because of this people have started to find creative ideas on Internet rather than using imagination. Another reason how IT has limited imagination growth is by providing answer instantaneously. People do not need to think hard to find the solution they are looking for. They can find them in matter of second on Internet.


However, IT has enabled people to effectively collaborate from different parts of the world. This has pushed the innovation growth up. It has make easier to implement the idea. Moreover, IT aided individual in finding answer quickly, which could have taken much longer previously. This has helped in reducing the hurdle one faces while implementing the idea.


To summaries, IT has both positive and negative effect. How we use IT is what decides whether IT will increase the limit of imagination or will increase the data piracy.

One thought on “Does IT kill human imagination?

  • January 2, 2018 at 3:38 am

    Really IT has made our life easier.But we can’t ignore the fact that imagination power has reduced due to getting the required info instantly.


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